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I’m One Of Lebanon’s MOST In-Demand Arms Dealers | Kingpin Cribs | Channel 4


Abu Ali has dodged plenty of bullets in his time as one of Lebanon’s most in-demand arms dealers. The country’s political and economic crisis is driving increasing unrest - and as more and more people are choosing to protect themselves against crime with deadly weapons, Abu is cashing in. We take an unprecedented look inside Abu’s world, stepping into the luxury lifestyle that trading machine guns, bombs and rifles for decades has afforded him. There are multiple homes, rare antiques and a stash of cash at his disposal, but Abu is in no doubt about the dangers of his life path - and fiercely defends his business as one built on ‘honesty and integrity’. Ever wondered what some of the world’s richest criminals eat for breakfast? Or what shampoo they use? Kingpin Cribs steps inside the homes of the baddest of the bad, to find out how the world's dirty money is being spent in private. SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About #4Docs: Welcome to Channel 4 Documentaries. Here you’ll find cutting-edge factual content from our award-winning 24 Hours in A&E to Dispatches and provocative and empowering original true stories. We pride ourselves on landmark, ground-breaking stories which reflect the diverse experiences and challenges we're all facing across the length and breadth of the UK (and beyond). Watch the True Crime: Unravelled playlist here: 🤍 Watch the True Crime playlist here: 🤍 Watch the 24 Hours in Police Custody playlist here: 🤍 Watch the 24 Hours In A&E playlist here: 🤍 Watch the Geordie Hospital playlist here: 🤍 Watch the True Stories playlist here: 🤍 Watch the How To Get Rich playlist here: 🤍 Watch the My Body, My Rules playlist here: 🤍 Watch the Murder Island playlist here: 🤍 Watch the Secret Services playlist here: 🤍 Watch more on #All4

sor - Dealers (prod. Sam Breez)


Check 'Dealers' van sor op je favo streaming service: 🤍 — Video credits: Video & Edit: SpaceCadetPat 🤍 🤍 Styling: Nerenchy Metschendorp #sor #NoahsArk #Dealers — Subscribe op het Noah's Ark YouTube kanaal: 🤍 Volg Noah's Ark: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Hef - Dealers Uit De Buurt (prod. Whiteboy)


Hef - Dealers Uit De Buurt (prod. Whiteboy) Video credits: DIRECTED BY VICTOIRE X FESTUS DOP: Festus Toll Edit: Victoire Elekonawo, Festus Toll VHS & VFX: Victoire Elekonawo Production: Sanjin Hadzalic [VXF] 1st AC: Chris Diepenhorst [VXF] 🤍 Meer videos: 🤍 #Hef #DealersUitDeBuurt #NoahsArk Spotify: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Tidal: 🤍 Meer info via: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Zien: zo tjokvol zat drugsauto Sziget-dealers


Professioneel voorbereid, knullig uitgevoerd: Marcel Vink heeft nieuws over de Nederlanders die met drugs gepakt zijn op Sziget. Abonneer je hier: 🤍 Meer van De Telegraaf? Volg ons op: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #TELEGRAAF

Scar - Dealers (Official Music Video)


Subscribe: 🤍 Stream/Download: Spotify: 🤍 iTunes/Apple Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Produced by Lef x 888ioannis Mix/master by Lef Directed & Edited by Muerte Backstage photography by Nikos Stolis Video Production: Black Shutter Entertainment Follow Scar: IG: 🤍 Follow Capital Music: IG: 🤍

I Bought a DRUG DEALERS Storage Unit & Found HIS STASH


Watch to the END to see what happens! Jeremy & George are back home in sunny Florida for the Winter And Jeremy is on a storage unit buying streak that just keeps getting better and better He buys this unit for $925 at a local live auction and immediately finds 3 dead bodies which they return to the original owner (not to mention her special skates) The previous owner warned Jeremy that there was more than just her belongings in the unit Her incarcerated son, moved his unit into hers as well She made sure that Jeremy & George understand that whatever they found, was NOT hers Watch to the END to see what happens! PUBLISHED ON: 1.28.23 I Bought a DRUG DEALERS Storage Unit & Found What HE LEFT BEHIND Get Your What The Hale$ Gear / Hoodies / Hats / T-Shirts HERE: 🤍 GET YOUR OLIGHT HERE: 🤍 10% OFF Coupon code: WTH10 IF YOU WANT TO SEND SOME LOVE: What The Hale$ P.O. Box 1006 Wooster, OH 44691 We might read your fan mail or unbox your product in one of our future videos 😊 CONNECT WITH US: EMAIL: WhatTheHales🤍 EBAY STORE: WhatTheHales 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 _ TAGS: #storagewars #money #whatthehales

RMR - DEALER (feat. Future & Lil Baby) [Official Music Video]


Watch the official music video for DEALER by RMR feat. Future & Lil Baby from the DRUG DEALING IS A LOST ART EP. 🔔 Subscribe to the channel: 🤍 Download/stream Dealer feat. Future & Lil Baby here: 🤍 SHOP HOTL MERCH - 🤍 Follow RMR: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 RMR is a singer-rapper renowned for his hit songs "DEALER," "Rascal," "WELFARE," "Her Honeymoon," "I'M NOT OVER YOU," "NOUVEAU RICHE," "That Was Therapeutic." He worked with artists like Future, Lil Baby, and Westside Gunn — amassing millions of global streams and featured as YouTube’s "Artist On The Rise". Lyrics: (I-I-ISM) Shit tryna take me, nigga (Nigga) Blame it on the pills, my nigga (Nigga) Bitches bitchin' at me, "Go slow" (Slow) But you ain't gon' see tomorrow ('Row) Percocet pills, my nigga (Nigga) Can't stop fuckin' 'round with 'em Pop a Xan, gon' sip a Tech with it Codeine got me in my feelings Go 'head, sip it, bet I'll keep on sippin' Drinkin' bottles after bottles, feelin' all exquisite Fuckin' models after models, all these hoes junkies Can't see me, tinted inside my Bentley Fiends in the club and they swear that they litty Lines in the bathroom, big drug dealin' Codeine got me in my feelings Codeine got me in my feelings I'm high now Gotta go, gotta roll by the projects Drop the pack, feed the hood, livin' lawless Tax free, I'm that nigga livin' lawless Hit Diego, NASCAR, get my ki's up That's the plug, my amigo, Dr. Re-up Switchin' twenties for the fifties, hundred K more Switchin' fifties for the hundreds, that's the K.O. Can't seem to find my face (Find my face) They don't seem to know their place (Know their place,yeah wassup) May he take my enemy (My enemy,Freebandz gang) Let it sing amazing grace (We outta here) (Super) Came up out my city, blowed up Pussy want smoke, roll up Fuckin' on your bitch, throwed up Drinkin' on the dirty soda Promise I'ma never go sober (Yeah) Niggas ain't nothin' but some vultures (Haha) Percocets, molly, damn baby Crushin' X on your punani I done made love to an Ethiopian (I did) I done put lean in her Fruitopia (Listen) I done poured up, wanna pop me too (Woah) Fucked around, had to pour up one more (Drank) Check my threads, I done went Hermès (Check me out) I done went new baguettes, I done went VVS (Yeah, yeah) Dirt in my cup and I'm cleanin' up fresh (Yeah, yeah) Fuck her the best and she love me to death (Pluto) But I love myself Shit tryna take me, nigga (Nigga,yeah) Blame it on the pills, my nigga (Nigga,Pluto) Bitches bitchin' at me, "Go slow" (Slow) But you ain't gon' see tomorrow ('Row) Percocet pills, my nigga (Nigga) Can't stop fuckin' 'round with 'em Pop a Xan, gon' sip a Tech with it Codeine got me in my feelings (Baby) What's your choice of drug? I be sippin' syrup, I think I'm in love, woah From apartments to the top charts Now it's sold-out shows She say she play with her nose I told her that's not in my goals I know when to go I know when to fold, that's never They throwin' dirt with no shovel It ain't no shame in my game It ain't no flaw on my name Only lay up in the rain I made a promise, I bought her a Range You can do that but don't go 'gainst the grain Rolls-Royce umbrella (Woah) Tall white thing lookin' like Cinderella I be fuckin' with the mob, I know Goodfellas Ain't fuckin' with the percs, but my man get 'em And he got jiggas Shit tryna take me, nigga (Nigga) Blame it on the pills, my nigga (Nigga) Bitches bitchin' at me, "Go slow" (Slow) But you ain't gon' see tomorrow ('Row) Percocet pills, my nigga (Nigga) Can't stop fuckin' 'round with 'em Pop a Xan, gon' sip a Tech with it Codeine got me in my feelings #OfficialMusicVideo #RMR #Future #LilBaby #DEALERRemix #WeAreWarnerRecords

Lana Del Rey - Dealer (Official Audio)


‘Blue Banisters’ The New Album out now Order here - 🤍 🤍

Bandoo x Bofplace - Scammers & Dealers


Stream 'Scammers & Dealers' 🤍 Official Music Video 'Bandoo x Bofplace - Scammers & Dealers Volg Bandoo: 🤍 Volg Bofplace: 🤍 - SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Volg ons op Insta: 🤍 #Kanaal24 #Bando #Bofplace



Cocaïne-handel is voor veel criminele een goudmijn geworden. O.a. via de haven van Antwerpen komen aan de lopende band ladingen drugs onze Europese grenzen binnen. Nou zijn er in de hoofdsteden ook dealers te vinden die het nog een stapje bonter maken. Ze bieden bieden toeristen drugs aan, maar verkopen hen waspoeder. Daarom proberen wij deze week de waspoeder-oplichters op te sporen en natuurlijk aan te pakken. Is dat verstandig? Waarschijnlijk niet... Mensen en organisaties die geld verdienen ten koste van anderen… het gebeurt nog steeds! In Robin Hood doen wij er alles aan om de rekening te verheffen met de louche figuren die zich onttrekken aan de regels of misbruik maken van hun machtspositie. De opbrengst gaat natuurlijk ten goede van hen die het hard kunnen gebruiken! DISCLAIMER: er is géén drugs gekocht. Het was enkel om aan te tonen dát zij verkochten, van een transactie is uiteraard geen sprake geweest. #GierigeGasten #Dealers #Antwerpen Minder betalen, meer leven! Abonneer op ons kanaal voor alle gratis tips: 🤍 Blijf op de hoogte van onze avonturen via: 🤍 Volg ons ook op Instagram op: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check ons ook op KIJK: 🤍 Wij, Gierige Gasten, vinden het leven al duur genoeg. Daarom plaatsen wij elke dinsdag op 16:00 uur een nieuwe video waarin wij shit voor weinig of helemaal gratis regelen. En omdat we tegenwoordig geld krijgen van ome John, kunnen we af en toe ook een 'échte' serie maken, die zie je elke donderdag om 16:00 uur! Noem ons gierig, karig, inhalig, krenterig, hebzuchtig, knijperig of zelfs schraperig. Wij noemen het slim! In 2020 komen we met keiharde series; The Anti-Bucketlist, Robin Hood, natuurlijk gewoon Gierige video's en nog véél meer nieuwe dingen!

Massief - Young Dealers ft. Jermaine Niffer (prod. Esko)


Massief - Young Dealers ft. Jermaine Niffer Spotify: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 CREDITS Muziek Productie: Esko Mix & Mastering: Esko, Darius Video Productie: Camerafellas Met dank aan onze sponsors On Lease en My Brand 🤍 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA Massief Instagram: 🤍 Snapchat: massiefoffical Facebook: 🤍 Jermaine Niffer Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Van Klasse Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 CONTACT info🤍 🤍 Bekijk ook onze playlisten: Esko: 🤍 Josylvio: 🤍 Hansie: 🤍 Jermaine Niffer: 🤍 Woenzelaar: 🤍 Lauwtje: 🤍 The Blockparty: 🤍 Overige Items: 🤍 © 2018 Van Klasse

Edd China on leaving Wheeler Dealers


I am very sorry to say, that after 13 years on the show, I am leaving Wheeler Dealers. Wheeler Dealers is a great car show, reportedly the biggest on the planet at the moment. It is broadcast in about 220 territories around the globe and apparently has several hundred million viewers worldwide. This success would not have been possible without the huge collaborative effort put in by the production team over the years but most of all because of the loyalty and appreciation of our fans who have kept watching, in ever increasing numbers around the globe. Because you kept watching it; we kept making it. So thank you all for that. Making Wheeler Dealers is no easy task and every episode requires a massive effort from a dedicated team of people. We started, all those years ago, on a niche channel in the UK with just a small production: Michael Wood and Dan Allum; the founders of Attaboy TV and originators of the show, one production manager, a camera man, a sound man and Mike and myself. One hundred and thirty five cars later we have grown to a production team of over forty five staff, and we are now entertaining much of the TV watching planet. It's been quite a ride. It was exactly the worldwide popularity of Wheeler Dealers and sheer size of the audience, coupled with the lack of product placement and brand endorsements within the show which meant that Discovery US and Velocity Channel saw an opportunity for further exploitation of the brand and so, after season twelve, the show commission was taken over by Velocity Channel in the US, who decided to replace Attaboy TV with Discovery Studios in California. Unfortunately, on Velocity's first attempt at producing the show they found Wheeler Dealers 'too difficult to make', 'at least in its current format'. In particular, the detailed and in depth coverage of my fixes in the workshop; what I consider to be the backbone and USP of the programme, are something Velocity feel should be reduced. The workshop jobs are certainly the hardest part of the show to make and reducing their substance and role in the show will save the production considerable time, effort and therefore money. However, this new direction is not something I am comfortable with as I feel the corners I was being asked to cut compromised the quality of my work and would erode my integrity as well as that of the show, so I have come to the conclusion that my only option is to let Velocity get on with it, without me. Wheeler Dealers has been an enormous part of my life since 2002, a real roller coaster of demanding challenges and triumphant moments. It has been a privilege to meet and work with so many great people and, from the workshop to the joy rides, to be allowed to experience so many fabulous cars and amazing locations. Leaving the show at the height of its success has been a really tough decision to make but I believe the time is right for me to spread my wings. Sometimes you've just got to break free from the confines of your rut and head for the far horizon. I would like to thank Attaboy TV, Mike, our incredible crew, and everyone who has contributed to making such a great programme for all of these years. A special thank you must go to every one of our fans for watching these past thirteen series, it has been great having you along for the ride, your appreciation means so much. Mike and Velocity will continue to make Wheeler Dealers, apparently with Ant Anstead taking my place in the workshop, so new episodes will be on your screens in due course. Being the new boy is never easy, so please give Ant your support, I wish him the very best of luck. It will certainly be nice to see Mike turn up at the workshop with yet another wreck knowing I don't have to do any of the work! As for me, I am already working on some great new projects which will expand my world in new directions and, as I will have a bit of time on my hands, I'll even start to put some things up on my youTube channel, so keep an eye out for that. Right now though, I just feel relieved and exhilarated with freedom and I can't wait to get cracking on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. For years Discovery have been encouraging everyone to: 'make your world bigger' – and that is exactly what I am now doing. Edd China Thank you for subsribing to my YouTube channel 🤍 following me on Facebook 🤍 and following me on Twitter 🤍 and for continuing supporting my car projects.

ATK - DEALERS ft. MANDO (Official Audio)


AΡΧΙΔΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΚΕΡΑΤΑ 2020-2022 "DEALERS" (FT. MANDO) (BTW Ο MANDO ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΣΤΟ ATK, ΑΠΛΑ ΕΙΠΑΜΕ ΝΑ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΣΤΟΥΜΕ ΓΙΑ ΤΟ ΚΟΜΜΑΤΙ) ▪︎ΣΤΙΧΟΙ/ΕΡΜΗΝΕΙΑ: MANDO, GRINDO ακα LK, ANON ▪︎ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ ΠΑΡΑΓΩΓΗ: MANIAC BEATS ▪︎ΗΧΟΓΡΑΦΗΣΗ/MIX/MASTER/PROGRAMMING: ATK STUDIO (GRINDO ακα LK) ▪︎ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ/ΕΞΩΦΥΛΛΟ: GRINDO ακα LK FIND ATK: 🤍 FIND GRINDO/LK: 🤍 FIND MANDO: 🤍 © All Rights Reserved 🤍Arxidia Tou Kerata . . . Lyrics: GRINDO: Πουλάω ναρκωτικά, σε μικρά παιδιά Κόκες και κουμπιά, σε ανήλικα ANON: Σε δημοτικά, μοιράζω τα πιαΧά Σπρώχνω τα κιλά, σε μικρά παιδιά (x2) MANDO: Σου γαμησα τη μάνα σου και πήγες να κλαφτείς Το έκανες και θέμα ρε δε πα να γαμηθεις Λέει θέλει να φάει, κάτσε ήρεμα πουτάνα Θα σου μαγειρέψω 2μετρη πουτσα στην σχάρα Ενώ οδηγαω μου περνει πιπα τρελη Κόντεψα να τρακαρω και να δω τον Παντελή Τράκαρα μα ευτυχώς πέθανε μόνο αυτή Επίσημα το λέω ΣΕ ΓΑΜΑΩ ΠΑΛΙΟΜΟΥΝΙ!!! Έχω κρυμμένα τα κιλά στο σπίτι μη τα βρουν Και μια κρυμμένη μίλφα να βιαζω που και που Μου κάνει και παράπονα ενώ έχει γαμηθει Της διέλυσα τη μήτρα και δε βγαίνει το καυλί Πουλάω ντρογκια, ξέρεις, 24/7 Σου γαμησα τη μάνα και δεν είχε πια μιλιά Τη βιαζα στα πάρκα όταν ήμουν 17 Και έστριβα το γαρο για να παν ολα καλά GRINDO: Πουλάω ναρκωτικά, σε μικρά παιδιά Κόκες και κουμπιά, σε ανήλικα ANON: Σε δημοτικά, μοιράζω τα πιαΧά Σπρώχνω τα κιλά, σε μικρά παιδιά GRINDO: Έκρυψα τις κάψουλες μέσα στη τουαλέτα Να μην τις βρει η μανα σου που ναι ρουφοκαβλετα Έκρυψα τη κοκα στο δεξί μου το παπαρι Για να την θέλει η θεία σου και πιπα να μου πάρει Ήρθε κι ο παππούς σου να μας κλέψει τα CD Και για να τον διώξω του χάρισα LSD Ήρθε και η γιαγιά σου και της έδωσα ένα Uzi Για αντάλλαγμα γαμησι... ΩΧ! το καβλι μου τσουζει Όπλα πουτανες λεφτά, ναρκωτικά, gucci γυαλιά, chainz χρυσά, βίλα χιλιάδες τετραγωνικά, κι όλα πουλώντας κουμπιά Κλείνω το βέρι, αύριο το μεσημέρι Ο βλακας μίλαγε χωρίς να ξέρει Βγάζω μαχαιρι του κόβω το χερι Του γαμησα το κωλομέρι Είμαι cool, είμαι flex, είμαι ο Lex, είμαι glx, ειμαι g, είμαι smg, Τη πουτανα σου εχω για pet Είμαι slatt, η μαμά σου είναι wet Τη ρίχνω απ το jet (gmk κλάψε) πουτάνα сука блять GRINDO: Πουλάω ναρκωτικά, σε μικρά παιδιά Κόκες και κουμπιά, σε ανήλικα ANON: Σε δημοτικά, μοιράζω τα πιαΧά Σπρώχνω τα κιλά, σε μικρά παιδιά ANON: Χθες το βράδυ μου κλεψαν την μεθαμφεταμίνη 3 το βραδυ τους κυνήγησα με το πατίνι Χάπια διαστημικά μου δίνουν εξωγήινοι Και εγω τους δινω σαν την Ρούλα κεταμινη Σπάνια χάπια εκατομμύριων ετών Νάρκωσα τη μάνα σου με ένα hypnosedon Μπήκα μες στο σπίτι σου και πήρα το ντεπόν Κι είδα την γκόμενά σου να σε τρέχει με strap-on Η μάνα σου είναι bi, θέλει συνέχεια μονάχα να φάει παραδείγματος χάρη, μπέρδεψε τον πουτσο μου με μοσχάρι Της λέω σταματά να τρως, γιατί όταν κλάνει γίνεται σεισμός Είναι γεγονός! καπνίζει τον πουτσο μου, βγαίνει καπνός! Το πέος μου σαν μηχανή κάνει vroom εσένα δεν φαίνεται ούτε με zoom Οι γονείς σου πια δεν σ'αγαπούν Γιατί ATK άρχισαν να ακούν Στη Κερατέα, είδα έναν πουστη με pride σημαία GRINDO: ΑΙ ΣΤΟΝ ΔΙΑΟΛΟ ΠΟΥΣΤΑΡΑ! ΩΡΑ ΝΑ ΠΕΣΕΙ ΣΦΑΛΙΑΡΑ!!! 🏳️‍🌈🚫 GRINDO: Πουλάω ναρκωτικά, σε μικρά παιδιά Κόκες και κουμπιά, σε ανήλικα ANON: Σε δημοτικά, μοιράζω τα πιαΧά Σπρώχνω τα κιλά, σε μικρά παιδιά (x3)

Esmée Denters - Love Dealer ft. Justin Timberlake


Music video by Esmée Denters performing Love Dealer. (C) 2010 Tennman/Interscope

Mad Clip ft. Light - Dealer


Produced by Dj The boy, Constantine Paco & Skive Mixed & Mastered by Skive 🤍RoughNoteStudios Thessaloniki Directed by George Mpenioudakis : 🤍 Directed, by George Mpenioudakis Edited by George Lamprinidis Capital Music on FB: 🤍 Light on FB: 🤍 Light on IG: 🤍nerogreco Mad Clip on FB: 🤍 Mad Clip on IG 🤍madclip RoughNote Studios on FB: 🤍 Capital Music 2017 © All Rights Reserved.

THIS is what Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer's Secret Car Cave looks like. Private Garage Workshop Tour


What does Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer's personal Car Cave look like? Private Garage Workshop Tour. Having already taken the decrepit brown easy chairs to interview Edd China and Ant Anstead, Jonny Smith was invited to see Mike Brewer's personal car collection and stealth garage, before sitting down to talk to him (see the other Idol Chat videos). Thanks for stopping by The Late Brake Show. Why not become a Patreon of the channel for early access to episodes, as well as Jonny's blogs? 🤍 Known for being the frontman of TV show Wheeler Dealers since it began almost 20 years ago, Mike had already been the presenter of Driven, Deals on Wheels and numerous other shows. But what does the veteran car dealer keep in his own garage? * Merch shop: 🤍 Become a Patreon supporter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE for a broad-church of automotive appreciation spanning EV, classic, modified and future tech. Filmed and edited by: Phil Vaughn Pritchard 🤍 Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant 🤍 Jonny Smith Creative car content maker, presenter & car pervert for hire since '98 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 1:27 Ford Ranger Raptor 2:14 Landrover Defender 2:45 The workshop 4:05 1982 Porsche SC resto-mod 7:25 Porsche 912E 9:48 Porsche 928 12:44 1959 MGA 16:51 Mk1 Ford Transit 20:05 Landrover 110 Defender 21:55 Alexa abuse 22:32 1964 Mini Cooper S 25:40 Porsche Taycan 29:28 What else does he own? 30:30 Honda Motocompo #mikebrewer #wheelerdealers #carcollection #thelatebrakeshow



Subscribete al canal oficial LOPES 🤍 Videoclip oficial de Lopes, Patron 970 y Mbs Rolling que recibe el nombre de "DEALERS". Música por DJ ANDRY. Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Alan Bi Rush en GRJ Records. Videoclip por Ciervo Films. Contacto : Contratacion : lopes16hdeplaza🤍 — Lopes: Instagram 🤍lopes_lopes_lopes_lopes Twitter 🤍Goldlopes

Mike Buys A DISGUSTING VW Beetle From A Barn! I Wheeler Dealers


Mike pays £200 for a disgusting VW Beetle he’s found in a barn covered in rust and damage! From Season 2 Episode 11. 🇬🇧 Catch full episodes of Wheeler Dealers on discovery+: 🤍 For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just head to: 🤍 Subscribe to Wheeler Dealers TV: 🤍

What Really Happened to Ant Anstead From Wheeler Dealers


What Really Happened to Ant Anstead From Wheeler Dealers Subscribe for More! Seeing a British reality TV show isn't so common, but the Wheelers Dealers prove that assertion wrong. The show was originally produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery Channel in the UK and for Motor Trend in the United States. The show is hosted by Mike Brewer and top mechanic Ant Anstead before being replaced by Marc Priestley. Just like other automobile-themed shows, Wheelers Dealers revolves around saving old cars by repairing and selling them. While the reason behind Ant’s absence is very much clear to all fans, it’s been a while since they heard from him. What really happened to Ant Anstead? Let’s get into the full details. #WheelerDealers #AntAnstead

Lil Baby ft. Future - Dealer (Music Video)


Lil Baby & Future - Dealer


#future #lilbaby we need a collab mixtape from baby and pluto

What REALLY Happened Between Edd China & Mike Brewer From Wheeler Dealers!?


In this video, we go through the reasons fan-favorite Edd China left the popular Discovery Channel show "Wheeler Dealers." He was the knowledgeable mechanic who fixed and restored cars that were later sold by Mike Brewer for a profit. He was on the show from the beginning until 2017 when he suddenly vanished and was replaced by Ant Anstead. You WON'T believe the drama that went down between these two! Get $20 off your first SeatGeek purchase using code: TUNANOCRUST 🤍 DON'T BE CRUSTY! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE, NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! 10% OFF ANY CRUSTY MERCH USING CODE "TUNA" Get 10% OFF the cheapest & brightest LED headlights, USE CODE "NOCRUST": 🤍 Big thanks to Artistic Spin for editing this video! Check out 🤍 and let him know Tuna No Crust sent you! #WheelerDealers #EddChina #MikeBrewer

"Zelfs de dealer vond dat ik te veel gebruikte" | DREAM SCHOOL 2023 | NPO 3 TV


Najib Amhali vertelt de leerlingen over zijn cocaïneverslaving. Voor Davey komt zijn verhaal dichtbij. De les raakt ook Soraya. Iemand in haar directe omgeving is verslaafd en daardoor is zij geëmotioneerd door wat Najib vertelt. ──── 3 januari is het nieuwe seizoen van 'DREAM SCHOOL' van start gegaan. Twaalf nieuwe leerlingen – in de leeftijd van 16 tot 23 jaar - krijgen van ’s ochtends tot ’s middags lessen van verschillende gastdocenten die de leerlingen willen inspireren. Alle leerlingen zijn vastgelopen in het schoolsysteem, hebben soms jarenlang thuisgezeten en willen nu in actie komen. Ze willen op 'DREAM SCHOOL' uitgedaagd worden een nieuwe start te maken. Schoolrector Eric van ’t Zelfde en kickbokser en mental coach Lucia Rijker gaan ze daarbij helpen. #npo3 #dreamschool ──── ⭐ Abonneer op het NPO 3 TV fragmenten kanaal: 🤍 ⭐ Abonneer op het NPO 3 kanaal voor exclusieve YouTube-series: 🤍 ──── Op het NPO 3 TV YouTube kanaal vind je wekelijks de beste TV fragmenten van NPO 3 series als First Dates, Dream School en Nieuw Zeer. Abonneer nu om niks te missen! ⭐Wil je nóg meer van NPO 3? ►Check dan het NPO 3 kanaal op YouTube: 🤍 Hier vind je onze exclusieve series zoals Vakkenvullers, Streetlab & Sekszusjes TV. ► Ontdek film & serie: 🤍 Hier check je de lekkerste series & films om te bingewatchen. ► Bekijk Spuiten & Slikken: 🤍 Voor jouw dagelijkse dosis seks en drugs. ──── ⭐ Nog meer populaire series: ► First Dates Classics: 🤍 ► Je Zal Het Maar Hebben: 🤍 ► Dream School: 🤍 ► Ajouad en de Top 600: 🤍 ► Nieuw Zeer: 🤍 ► Makkelijk Scoren: Studio Afgelast: 🤍 ──── ⭐ Documentaires ► Lukt het Ronnie Flex om grip op zijn leven te krijgen? Bekijk 🤍 ►Is liefde houdbaar zonder seks? Bekijk: 🤍 ► En, hoe ziet de wereld van jonge vloggers én hun ouders eruit? Bekijk: 🤍 ──── ⭐ Ontdek meer van NPO 3 op onze website, socials en app! ► Website - 🤍 ► Instagram - 🤍 ► Facebook - 🤍 ► TikTok - 🤍 ► App iOS - 🤍 ► App Android - 🤍

Test Driving A German Panther Tank Worth £14 Million! | Combat Dealers


After 4 years of hard work restoring this piece of living history, the crew are finally able to test drive a German Panther tank that’s now worth £14 million! 🇬🇧 Catch full episodes of your favourite Discovery Channel shows on discovery+: 🤍 Subscribe to Discovery UK for more great clips: 🤍 Follow Discovery UK on Twitter: 🤍

George Carlin vs Matt Walsh on drug dealers


(👇Socials Below👇) Thanks for watching visit us again for more commentary, reaction videos, deep dives, political analysis, breadtube adjacent dunks and internet culture memes. Become a 🔥 member 🔥 to gain emotes, access to some videos early and MORE: 🤍 Support A Worker Owned Clothing Brand!: 🤍 Connect With Me 🤲 Donate: 🤍 📺 🤍 💬 🤍 🔴 🤍 🕊️ 🤍 ✨ 🤍 🔔 🤍 . . . . #shorts #mattwalsh #georgecarlin #drugdealer #prison #criminaljustice #liberal #conservative #leftist

Cat Dealers Live At Tomorrowland Belgium 2022 Mainstage


Our main stage debut at Tomorrowland. Tell us your thoughts in the comments. Tracklist: 🤍 VOTE CAT DEALERS DJMAG TOP 100 DJS 2022 🤍 HEY HEY (HEARD YOU SAY) OUT NOW 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL Follow Cat Dealers: Instagram: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #tomorrowland #tomorrowlandbelgium #catdealers #catdealer #music #electronicdancemusic #edm #musicaeletronica #mainstage #tour #dj #djcatdealers

Porsche 911: Edd Fixes A Crunchy Gearbox | Wheeler Dealers


After Mike purchases this vintage Porsche 911 for a steal, Edd gets to work fixing the crunchy gearbox on the car. From Season 4 Episode 1 🇬🇧 Catch full episodes of Wheeler Dealers on discovery+: 🤍 For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just head to: 🤍 Subscribe to Wheeler Dealers TV: 🤍

Mike Brewer on why Edd China left Wheeler Dealers


Why did Edd China leave Wheeler Dealers? Here, current presenter Mike Brewer – the host of the Car Dealer Magazine Used Car Awards – explains what happened back when Edd decided to leave the show. This clip was taken from a full interview with Mike and Car Dealer recorded on May 6, 2020 (which you can watch in full on this channel) to mark the news Edd China has launched a new YouTube show. The full story can be seen here: 🤍

Elvis Rebuilds A Modded Engine On This TVR Griffith | Wheeler Dealers


Unsure whether or not the engine in their TVR Griffith is a 4.0 or a 4.3, Elvis gets to work measuring the size of the engine and rebuilding it! From Season 17 Episode 2. 🇬🇧 Catch full episodes of Wheeler Dealers on discovery+: 🤍 For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just head to: 🤍 Subscribe to Wheeler Dealers TV: 🤍



Yepyeni bir bölüm, keyifli seyirler. Abone olmak için ▶ 🤍 Twitch ▶ 🤍 Facebook ▶ 🤍 Instagram ▶ 🤍 Twitter ▶ 🤍 Discord ▶ 🤍 ☑ Oyun serileri'nin oynatma listeleri The Walking Dead ▶ 🤍 Detroit: Become Human ▶ 🤍 Stranded Deep ▶ 🤍 Bu kanalda neler var ❓ Bu kanalda funny moments, yayın özetleri ve oyun serileri tarzında videolar yer almaktadır. Eğlenceli, kaliteli ve güzel vakit geçirmeniz dileği ile keyifli seyirler. #elraenn #dealerslife2

Rick Ross - Drug Dealers Dream (Official Video)


Rick Ross - Drug Dealers Dream (Official Video) Directed by DRE Films Stalley debut album #OHIO October 28th

Dealer : jeunesse en danger


Pour vendre leurs produits, les trafiquants sont devenus les rois du marketing. Campagnes de promotion pour Noel, super soldes du Black Friday, carte de fidélité... Leurs prix, leurs horaires sont annoncés grâce à des clips sophistiqués publiés sur tous les réseaux sociaux. Les produits sont vendus avec des slogans plein d’humour. Suivez nous sur les réseaux : Facebook : 🤍

Dealers Can't Sell Cars or Trucks! The Car Market Bubble is Deflating!


Dealers Can't Sell Car or Trucks! The Car Market Bubble is Deflating! Car Questions Answered Hello and Welcome To Car Questions Answered! In this video I talk about what I'm seeing in the used car market and give my advice on what you should do about it. Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave any comments you may have in the section below! And make sure you don't forget to LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!

DEALERS CAN'T SELL THEIR CARS, TRUCKS, SUV's! Dealers are admitting the Car Market is collapsing!


Dealers can't sell their vehicles at auto auctions because others dealers won't pay the high asking prices! They are admitting the Car Market is Collapsing! Report by Kevin Hunter The Homework Guy and the Amazing Elizabeth, the Homework Gal. SAVE GAS MONEY! GET MPG Xtreme Fuel Caps NOW! Best Value: 50 caps for $119 Package. 🤍 SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE 🤍 #Car​ #dealership #cars #usedcars #carsforsale #TheHomeworkGuy​ ​ THE BEST CAR BUYING ADVICE YOU CAN FIND is published by The Homework Guy Team (THG)! We’re the team of Auto Experts, Finance Gurus, and Car Pricing Strategists that well over 45 Million Car Buyers have come to know and trust. VISIT OUR WEBSITE for a FREE CAR BUYERS GUIDE: 🤍 WANT TO CHEER ON THE HOMEWORK GUY TEAM WITH A TIP? THANKS FOR OUR HARD WORK? 🤍 or 🤍 or 🤍 WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT! JOIN US ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Rumble: 🤍 Bitchute: 🤍 GET AWESOME (THG) HOMEWORKGUY MERCHANDISE AND SHOW CAR DEALERSHIPS YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR NEXT CAR DEAL! 🤍 With Titles like 11 Fake Fees, to Don't Say I'm Paying Cash at Car dealerships, and Car Shortage Crisis, and Car Dealer Says Bring the Car Back!... The Homework Guy Team publishes videos to help Car Buyers. Then we added Cash Buyer Negotiations, and Held Hostage at a Car Dealership, No Haggle One Price Car Dealerships, How Much do Used Car Dealers Pay for Cars?, and Costco Auto Program. We hit all the topics! A CAR DEALER WANTS TO: 1. SELL every car for the Highest Possible Price. 2. CONVINCE Car Buyers to use Dealer affiliated Lenders / Banks. 3. LOAD every Car Deal full of Fees and Finance Products. 4. OFFER Lowball numbers on every Trade Vehicle. THE HOMEWORK GUY TEAM (THG) HELPS CAR BUYERS TO: 1. BUY a Car from Dealers or Private Party Sellers at the Lowest Price. 2. PAY Cash or Finance with their own Bank or Credit Union. 3. DECLINE Dealer Fees and Finance Products. 4. TRADE / SELL their current vehicle for the Best Value. For more than 40 years, dealerships have EARNED their lowly reputation by being the masters of predatory selling. Dealers stalk victims relentlessly, often ruthlessly treating the most vulnerable car buyers (like seniors, for example) with little or no conscience. Car Dealers and their Finance Officers have no problem creating financial devastation for their customers with over bloated car loans, and quite often do. We point out the traps and the flaws of the process, and help car buyers get through the nonsense without being ripped off. We promote fairness, honesty, and transparency. Join our mission! The Homework Guy Team provides car buying consumers with information, automotive news and updates, industry outlook, buying and selling advice, and other help to level the tables. The public face of THG is Kevin Hunter and the master negotiator, Amazing Elizabeth. Tons of time and research goes into every show, with several projects always on the table, all with the goal of getting it exactly right. From Automotive News Updates to vehicle shopping advice and assistance, The Homework Guy Team is the best there is. THG CATEGORIES: cars, truck, van, suv, auto, new cars, used cars, autos, mechanics, automobile, vehicle, dealer, automotive news, auto shop, service plans, extended warranty. LEADING CAR BRANDS (MANUFACTURERS) WE COVER IN THE US: Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Hyundai, Subaru, Kia, GMC, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Tesla, BMW. #PersonalFinance #Investment #Dealerships How can The Homework Guy Videos help Car Buyers? 1. What you need to know before buying a car. 2. Information you need when buying a car at a dealership. 3. Benefits of Buying a Car from a Dealership or Private Party. 4. Questions to ask at a Dealership 5. Car buying tips and tricks from the experts 6. How to Buy and Pay for a Car with Cash 7. Using Carmax, Edmunds, TrueCar, Autolist, or Kelley Blue Book for Car Pricing Info. 8. Buying a Car out of state. 9. Taking Control of the entire Car Buying Process. 10. What to do if Scammed. 11. Illegal things Car Dealers can do. 12. Understanding Dealer Financing Tricks 13. How to Avoid Dealer Scams. 14. Reactions to Sales Training conducted by Car Trainers. We’ve seen amazing growth with over 378,000 Subscribers and counting. Meanwhile, if you prefer to fix your current car (and we recommend that you do!), check out channels like Chris Fix or Scotty Kilmer!

Elvis Spices Up A Convertible Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet With Summery Vibes l Wheeler Dealers


Subscribe to Wheeler Dealers TV: 🤍 Elvis convinces Mike to bring in a yellow Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet which Mike despises but Elvis is certain he can get Mike to change his mind after he does his magic and restores the car. 🇬🇧 Catch full episodes of Wheeler Dealers on discovery+: 🤍 From Season 17 Episode 10

Alemán - Dealers Ft Kidd Keo, Yoga Fire, Dee, Fntxy, Cozy Cuz. (Prod by Bobby Bass)


Alemán Ft Kidd Keo, Yoga Fire, Dee, Fntxy, Cozy Cuz Dealers Prod. by Bobby Bass Escúchala en tu plataforma favorita: 🤍 Sigue a Alemán: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Suscríbete al canal: 🤍 Letra: Alerta y sin tirar placón Bien polarizado el trocón Bien firme sin mostrar temor Porque nos respalda un bandón Vendo lo mejor en las esquinas Todo lo saque de la cocina Dime ratatouille, que delicia Tan locos por la mercancía Ando en una vaina loca La mami me dijo dejate la mota Nada mas que darle roca Y ya no entiendo lo q sale de tu boca Tiene fijacion con la coca Me dice rayame el culo que lo tengo en pompa Cuidado si le baja en darle que pasa de cerca a ponerse toda mosca. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Palos qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquinaPa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Muchas bolsitas de polvo en la esquina Esta va para mis locos , Cocaina COCA I - COCA I - COCAINA En la calle la movi, Cocaina Ven yo te consigo lo que tu quieras Ten lineas, pastas fetas, el bloque esta caliente que te quemas Lstos todos pa la balacera, estoy bailando en money Nos sobran las shortys, Un poco de molly, Te me pones horny, Reten en Los Mochis, apalabrado con los cochis, Le dicen que venían de parte del Bobby Navajeando la bolsa y calando en la encia Grapas gramos y onzas para engordar la alcancia Puercos chotas placa tira siempre lejos de la policia Morning tarde noche en mi barrio diario se trafica todo el dia Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Tengo 10 bolsitas y ya mero acabo, estoy en la esquina De siempre mi hermano, tengo lo mejor por que estoy conectado Todo el día bien mariguano El mejor dealer no conocen otro, si yo no puedo te mando a la moto Ya saben qué droga siempre porto, pura gente pesada la que topoEsto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Esto es, pa los locos de la esquina. Pa los qué están vendiendo la Cocaina. Muchas bolsitas de polvo en la esquina Esta es para mis locos , Cocaina COCA I - COCA I - COCAINA En la calle la movi, Cocaina. Homegrown Entertainment © #Alemán #Dealers #HumoEnLaTrampa2 #HomegrownMafia

BBC Panorama 23/01/23 - Dogs, Dealers and Organised Crime


BBC Panorama 23/01/23 - Dogs, Dealers and Organised Crime Panorama goes undercover to reveal the increasingly close relationship between organised crime and dog dealing. Reporter Sam Poling infiltrates a network of dealers making millions by breeding dogs to extremes. She exposes how some drugs dealers have switched from dealing narcotics to dealing dogs, and shows how the growing popularity of breeds like American and French bulldogs has led some breeders to resort to cruel and dangerous tactics.

DEALERS - CAPITULO 1 - Serie Venezolana by LRuz WKF TV


Dealers muestra una realidad, una forma de vida cuyos valores morales y éticos se basan en que la vida y el ser humano solo son piezas de intercambio. Dealers es un submundo que cohabita con la vida corriente. Le es permitido coexistir. Ese submundo expresa la descomposición del otro, ambos se parasitan. A los sistemas político-economicos les conviene que el submundo reine en las calles y en los barrios. La máxima muestra de la descomposición y corrupción del mundo contemporáneo la muestra Dealers sin tabúes. Dealers está entre nosotros y conocerlo es preciso, ver la cara del negocio es necesario para detenerlo. UNA PRODUCCION DE WEAPON KLATH FILMS DEALERS OFICIAL Dealers SERIE YA 🤍seriedealersoficial 🤍seriedealersgallery 🤍weaponklathfilms ESTA DISPONIBLE EL PRIMER.CAPITULO DE LA SERIE VENEZOLANA QUE ESTA TOP EN LAS redes #Dealers #by LRUZ ... escrita y dirigida por LUIS ALBERTO RUZ ARMAS "LRuz" depues de un pequeño contratiempo por motivos de Corporing logramos subir nuevamente el primer capitulo. De #DEALERS .el Artista Venezolano YORDANO DI MARZO el cual cuenta con toda nuestra admiracion .. no interpreto de la misma manera que nosotros, el uso de SU OBRA " perla negra " a la cual le realizamos una espectacular version en la voz de la artista WILMARY CONTRERAS .. para rendirle tributo a su trabajo y honrrar su carrera.. EL SEÑOR YORDANO en todo su derecho nos hizo saber que era un uso indebido de su letra y que prosederia a denunciar y tumbar el capitulo de las redes.. y asi lo hizo..😱😱 PERO todo lo que viene conviene ¡¡¡¡¡..... ya NUESTRA GRAN INTERPRETE Wilmary Contreras junto a el interprete y compositor BERTIEL MAYORA bajo la produccion de MIGUEL LOBO .. coNSiguieron componer y producir esta espectacular pieza musical que lleva por nombre "Lo que tengo que hacer" ..⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ la cual de ahora en adelante sera el himno de nuestra serie.. .. GRACIAS A LOS QUE VIERON EL PRIMER CAPITULO.. y a los que esperan el segundo.. SI YA LO VISTE .. VUELVELO A VER👀.. asi recuperamos parte de las 6 mil reproducciones que ya teniamos.. 👉dejanos otra vez tu👇 comentario .. para nosotros es de gran valor tu mensaje positivo y de gran impulso y motivacion para nuestro trabajo.. en donde buscamos crear nostalgia a todos los Venezolanos que estan dentro y fuera del pais .. ESTO no es la tipica serie o pelicula de malandreo.. esta produccion busca realizar dentro de nuestras carencias tecnicas..lo mas similar al cine internacional.. ( COLOR / EDICION / SONIDO ) con jovenes.venezolanos con poca experiencia actoral que buscan formarce.. REALIZADA 100% en cuatentena ..con todas las dificultades que esto representa..( transporte / gasolina / pocos recursos ) pero bajo un concepto y estetica muy profesional.. NO HACEMOS APOLOGIA AL DELITO.. NO SOMOS UNA VITRINA PARA EXPONER A LA JUVENTUD A UN APRENDISAJE DELICTIVO.. mostramos las consecuencias de el mundo DE LA DELICUENCIA orientado a la reflexion y el mensaje positivo.".SER DELICUENTE.NO ES BUENO.". Y EL MUNDO DE LAS DROGAS es un camino oscuro y solo el cual siempre te lleva a un destino FATAL .. Los invitamos a disfrutar de un material audiovisual DIFERENTE.. donde hacemos el intento de promover .. el TELENTO VENEZOLANO .. nuestro turismo..NUESTROS ARTISTAS URBANOS .. con un vocabulario Acorde ( rescatando nuestro verdadero hablar ) .. detro del lenguaje coloquial del VENEZOLANO.. bajo la presencia de los codigos morales basicos.. y alejandonos de LOS ANTIVALORES .creados por otras propuestas en el pasado.. LOS INVITAMOS A DISFRUTAR DE DEALERS Escrita y dirigida por Luis Alberto Ruz Armas "LRuz" en co produccion con EKA PRODUCCIONES Produccion ejecutiva Joe Garret produccion nacional independiente certificado de PNI;16.276

Dealers Can't Sell CARS! $34,000 Underwater!? RIDICULOUS!!!


Featured TikTok: ⮕ 🤍 🚗 Say hello to CarEdge, your one-stop shop for all things auto: ⮕ 🤍 🚗 Join the CarEdge Community: ⮕ 🤍 🚗 Search for new and used cars: ⮕ 🤍 🚗 Get educated on buying a car with CarEdge's NEW & IMPROVED Deal School 3.0: ⮕ 🤍 YAA Podcast: Daily News You Can Use ⮕ Spotify: 🤍 ⮕ Apple: 🤍 Instagram ⮕ 🤍 TikTok ⮕ 🤍 Check out YAA/CarEdge Merch: ⮕ 🤍 What have people gotten themselves into!? And why have dealers enabled it!? Today, Ray and Zach react to a TikTok describing a woman who is underwater $34,000 on her 2023 Kia Telluride (that she wants to trade in for a new Nissan Pathfinder!!)

Cat Dealers - Your Body (Remix)


VOTE CAT DEALERS DJMAG TOP 100 DJS 2022 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: 🤍 Follow Cat Dealers: Instagram: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Site: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 #catdealers #catdealer #music #electronicdancemusic #edm #musicaeletronica #mainstage #tour #dj #djcatdealers

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