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What are Rollups in Crypto? ZKSnarks vs Optimistics Rollups Explained


Rollups are way to "roll up" a bunch of transactions into one single piece of data to save space and processing power on the blockchain. Right now, there are 2 main rollups: ZKsnarks and Optimistic rollups and you can watch our video to learn how both work, including the benefits and drawbacks.

ROLLUPS - The Ultimate Ethereum Scaling Strategy? Arbitrum & Optimism Explained


So what are rollups all about? What’s the difference between optimistic and ZK rollups? How is Arbitrum different from Optimism? And why are rollups considered to be the holy grail when it comes to scaling Ethereum? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video. Ethereum scaling has been one of the most discussed topics in crypto. The scaling debate usually heats up during periods of high network activity such as the CryptoKitties craze in 2017, DeFi Summer of 2020 or the crypto bull market at the beginning of 2021. During these periods, the unparalleled demand for the Ethereum network resulted in extremely high gas fees making it expensive for everyday users to pay for their transactions. To tackle this problem, the search for the ultimate scaling solution has been one of the top priorities for multiple teams and the Ethereum community as a whole. In general, there are 3 main ways to scale Ethereum or in fact, most other blockchains: scaling the blockchain itself - layer 1 scaling; building on top of layer 1 - layer 2 scaling and building on the side of layer 1 - sidechains. When it comes to layer 1, Eth2 is the chosen solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain. Eth2 refers to a set of interconnected changes such as the migration to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), merging the state of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain into the new PoS chain and sharding. Sharding, in particular, can dramatically increase the throughput of the Ethereum network, especially when combined with rollups. If you’d like to learn more about Eth2 you can check out this video here. When it comes to scaling outside of layer 1, multiple different scaling solutions have been tried with some mixed results. On the one hand, we have layer 2 solutions such as Channels that are fully secured by Ethereum but work well only for a specific set of applications. Sidechains, on the other hand, are usually EVM-compatible and can scale general-purpose applications. The main drawback - they are less secure than layer 2 solutions by not relying on the security of Ethereum and instead having their own consensus models. Most rollups aim at achieving the best of these 2 worlds by creating a general-purpose scaling solution while still fully relying on the security of Ethereum. This is the holy grail of scaling as it allows for deploying all of the existing smart contracts present on Ethereum to a rollup with little or no changes while not sacrificing security. No wonder rollups are probably the most anticipated scaling solution of them all. But what are rollups in the first place? 📖 Rollup-centric Ethereum Roadmap by Vitalik Buterin ► 🤍 🎦 Eth2 video ► 🤍 🎦 Layer 2 Scaling video ► 🤍 📘 DeFi Guide ► 🤍 📖 Post ► 🤍 🐦 Follow Finematics on Twitter ► 🤍 💛 Support Finematics on Patreon and join our Discord community ► 🤍 🔒 Ledger ► 🤍 (affiliate) 📱 Argent Wallet ► 🤍 (affiliate) 🌐 Get your .crypto Unstoppable Domain ► 🤍

ZK Rollups vs Optimistic Rollups. The Difference Between Them Explained in Simple Terms


What types of rollups are there? How do ZK-rollups and optimistic rollups work? This video is a logical continuation of DeFi Teller's explainer about what rollups are, how they work, and the importance of rollups for DeFi apps. The video introduction to rollups, the most popular layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum and other layer-1 networks, concludes with an open-ended question about how rollups validate transactions - distinguishing correct from malicious. In this video, viewers will find the answer to this question. It details the process of transaction validation and the difference between how the two types of rollups interact with the Ethereum blockchain, as well as the advantages and limitations of both. In this video, you will also learn about the difference in the practical application of optimistic and ZK rollup solutions for decentralized applications and more. You can learn more about blockchain technologies and the specifics of various DeFi projects by subscribing to our channel, as well as on the DeFi Teller website. Keep up with our new releases by clicking on the bell icon, or following our social media pages. Website ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Telegram ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍 Reddit ► 🤍 Linkedin ► 🤍

Vitalik Buterin: An Incomplete Guide to Rollups


🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: 🤍 ✊ STARTING GUIDE BANKLESS: 🤍 🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: 🤍 👕 BUY BANKLESS TEE: 🤍 - 💪BECOME A BANKLESS PREMIUM MEMBER: 🤍 - GO BANKLESS WITH THESE SPONSOR TOOLS: ⭐️ AAVE - BORROW OR LEND YOUR ASSETS 🤍 🚀 GEMINI - MOST TRUSTED EXCHANGE AND ONRAMP 🤍 💳 MONOLITH - GET THE HOLY GRAIL OF BANKLESS VISA CARDS 🤍 📱 DHARMA | MOBILE ONRAMP DIRECTLY INTO DEFI 🤍 Vitalik Buterin: An Incomplete Guide to Rollups We discuss Vitalik's recent post on his website: An Incomplete Guide to Rollups 🤍 Rollups are Ethereum's native mechanism for trustless L2 scaling systems on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Vitalik's Blog 🤍 Don't stop at the video! Subscribe to the Bankless newsletter program 🤍 Visit the official Bankless website 🤍 Follow Bankless on Twitter 🤍 Follow Ryan on Twitter 🤍 Follow David on Twitter 🤍 - Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. Disclosure. From time-to-time we may add links in this channel to products we use. We may receive commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. We'll always disclose when this is the case

What are Еthereum Rollups and How Do They Work? Rollups Explained in Simple Terms


This rollups video guide covers what rollups are, why they are needed, and how they work. The video takes Ethereum rollups as an example. Practical problems the Ethereum blockchain has faced, namely low speed and high gas fees, have led to a variety of solutions, either based on Ethereum (Layer 2) or outside of it. In this video, viewers dive into the technology of Ethereum's main Layer 2 (or L2) scaling solution and learn what tools rollup projects use to achieve scalability and high speed for DeFi apps. This video on rollups succinctly explains the essence of the technology, moving away from standard boilerplate explanations and delving into the heart of cutting-edge DeFi technology. To learn more about the tech behind advanced blockchain platform solutions and decentralized apps, subscribe to our channel or follow the releases on our website and social media pages. Website ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Telegram ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍 Reddit ► 🤍 LinkedIn ► 🤍

How to Do a Roll Up | Pilates Workout


Full Playlist: 🤍 - - Watch more How to Do Pilates videos: 🤍 Next is the roll-up. So, the roll-up works on continuing to strengthen your core while stretching the spine, and then we'll start to articulate through the spine. Now, articulate is a very specific word. We use it a lot in Pilates because we want to go bit, by bit, by bit, in this case, through the spine. Sometimes, we articulate through our feet as well. But, for this one, it's about the spine. So, you'll lie on your mat from whatever exercise you were just in, either the hundred or half roll down, just bring yourself to the mat with control. Then, reach your arms up toward the ceiling, right up to the lights, inhale to prepare, then exhale, curl your chin toward your chest, and roll up off the mat. Her legs are together, the feet are flexed, like you're pressing them against a wall. From here, feel your shoulder blades stretch away from your ears, breathe in, then breathe out, and roll back down with control. Feel the lower back articulate, then the middle back, then the upper back and your head. Again, take an inhale, then exhale as you roll up. That's the hard part, and exhaling will help you find your scoop. Inhale, reach for the toes, and then exhale, lower right back down. That's it. Again, take an inhale, and exhale, roll up off the mat here, and then just stay at the top for a second. So, Madeline is back in her C shape from her C curve from the half roll down. Her shoulders are rounding over her hips. Your sit bones, the bones that you sit on, you probably won't feel in this position because you're behind it. A lot of times, what people do wrong is that they'll stretch their body all the way over, and that's not really the goal, because we're still trying to work on our abdominal strength. It's opposition. So, if I'm pulling you this way, Madeline, you reach forward so I don't pull you back. It's like tug-of-war. That's it. And you want to find that in your own body. Then, from here, lie all the way back down into the mat, one vertebrae at a time, and then lower your arms down to your sides. So, for the roll-up, that is the ideal. If that doesn't happen for you for the first time, that's totally normal. A lot of times you'll get stuck. Your feet will come off the mat and you'll feel like, oh my gosh, I can't move at all, what do I do? In that case, if you have a strap, if you're in a Pilates studio, or even if you have something that you can make-shift a strap - scoot down a little bit here Madeline - your feet can come under this, and you'll have a little bit of support to help you come up. So, reach your arms toward the ceiling, curl your chin toward your chest, and roll forward toward your toes, then lie right back down into the mat. Let's say you don't have the assistance of the strap and it's just you in your living room. OK, point your toes Madeline, flex your heels. So, if you try it once, and it's not smooth, the next option is to soften your knees, slightly bend them, curl your chin toward your chest to the place you get stuck, then bring your hands behind your thighs and climb up your legs. Then, once you're up to the top seated, stretch your legs, you can find the stretch through the hamstrings, and then lower back with control. And again, hold it here for a second, if you feel like you're going to lose it, hold on to the back of your thighs and lower back into the mat. There you go. So, remember that Pilates is about control, and it's about your own personal level of control. You don't have to be a dancer to do this. You just have to work with yourself, and modify so that it's a smooth, flowing workout.

Betty's Ham and Cheese Tortilla Rollups


Betty demonstrates how to make Ham & Cheese Tortilla Rollups. These finger food sandwiches are made by layering ham, cheese, and lettuce on a flour tortilla and rolling it up. Ham & Cheese Tortilla Rollups fresh 10-inch flour tortillas, as needed sandwich spread or mayonnaise, as needed shaved (or very thinly sliced) ham thinly sliced pliable cheese (I used processed American cheese squares.) flat lettuce leaves (romaine, iceberg, or bibb, with any hard spines removed) Spread a flour tortilla thinly with sandwich spread or mayonnaise. Place a thin layer of shaved ham over sandwich spread. Place thin slices of cheese over the top of ham. Place lettuce leaves flatly over the top of cheese. Start at one edge of tortilla and roll up tightly. Trim the resulting log and use toothpicks to secure it. Cut log into 1-inch pieces. Place pieces, spiral side up, on a nice serving plate. Repeat, until you have as many rollups as you want. Delicious and pretty, too! Betty :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please subscribe: 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Betty's Website: 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other places to watch Betty's Kitchen: Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 🤍 Roku: 🤍

Polygon sidechain vs Ethereum rollups: Layer 2 scaling approaches | Vitalik Buterin and Lex Fridman


Lex Fridman Podcast full episode: 🤍 Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Athletic Greens: 🤍 and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil - Magic Spoon: 🤍 and use code LEX to get $5 off - Indeed: 🤍 to get $75 credit - Four Sigmatic: 🤍 and use code LexPod to get up to 60% off - BetterHelp: 🤍 to get 10% off GUEST BIO: Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum. PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: 🤍 Apple Podcasts: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 RSS: 🤍 Full episodes playlist: 🤍 Clips playlist: 🤍 SOCIAL: - Twitter: 🤍 - LinkedIn: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Medium: 🤍 - Reddit: 🤍 - Support on Patreon: 🤍

Что такое Rollups в крипте? Обзор ZKSnarks и Optimistics Rollups с анимацией


Роллапы — это способ «свернуть» кучу транзакций в один фрагмент данных, чтобы сэкономить место и вычислительную мощность в блокчейне. На данный момент существует 2 основных роллапы: ZKsnarks и Optimistic, и вы можете посмотреть наше видео, чтобы узнать, как они работают, их преимущества и недостатки. Присоединяйтесь к WhiteboardCrypto Club, чтобы получить бонус в виде ETH и уникальный NFT, а также мгновенный доступ к нашему частному сообществу и частным видео: 🤍 Или подпишитесь на нашу бесплатную рассылку, чтобы получить доступ к нашему Discord и бесплатному руководству по DeFi: 🤍 Узнай больше о Whiteboard Crypto: Facebook: 🤍whiteboardcrypto Instagram: 🤍whiteboardcryptoteam Website: 🤍

How Ethereum will scale 10,000-fold using sharding and rollups | Vitalik Buterin and Lex Fridman


Lex Fridman Podcast full episode: 🤍 Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Athletic Greens: 🤍 and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil - Magic Spoon: 🤍 and use code LEX to get $5 off - Indeed: 🤍 to get $75 credit - Four Sigmatic: 🤍 and use code LexPod to get up to 60% off - BetterHelp: 🤍 to get 10% off GUEST BIO: Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum. PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: 🤍 Apple Podcasts: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 RSS: 🤍 Full episodes playlist: 🤍 Clips playlist: 🤍 SOCIAL: - Twitter: 🤍 - LinkedIn: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Medium: 🤍 - Reddit: 🤍 - Support on Patreon: 🤍

Ethereum LAYER 2 SCALING Explained (Rollups, Plasma, Channels, Sidechains)


So what is Ethereum Layer 2 scaling all about? And what is the difference between projects such as Optimism, xDai, OMG and Loopring? We’ll answer all of these questions in this video. Ethereum scaling has been one of the most discussed topics pretty much since the time when the network launched. The scaling debate always heats up after a period of major network congestion. One of the first periods like this was the 2017 crypto bull market where infamous CryptoKitties, together with ICOs, were able to clog up the entire Ethereum network causing a major spike in the gas fees. This year the network congestion came back even stronger, this time caused by the popularity of DeFi and yield farming. There were periods of time when even gas fees as high as 500+ gwei would not get your transaction verified for a while. When it comes to scaling Ethereum or blockchains in general, there are 2 major ways of doing it: scaling the base layer itself (Layer 1) or scaling the network by offloading some of the work to another layer - Layer 2. When it comes to actual scaling solutions there are multiple options available. Whilst some of the options are available right now and can increase Ethereum network throughput in the near to medium-term, others are aiming for a medium to long-term time horizon. Some of the scaling solutions are application-specific, for example, payment channels. Others, such as optimistic rollups, can be used for any arbitrary contract executions. To understand these differences better let’s explore the most popular Layer 2 scaling solutions. 📝 "A rollup centric Ethereum roadmap" by Vitalik Buterin ► 🤍 📖 Post ► 🤍 🐦 Follow Finematics on Twitter ► 🤍 💛 Support Finematics on Patreon and join our Discord community ► 🤍 🔒 Stay secure with a Ledger hardware wallet (20% off) ► 🤍 (you can use it with Metamask to interact with DeFi protocols) 🌐 Get your .crypto Unstoppable Domain ► 🤍

ETHereum: ZK Rollups explained in three minutes.


FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: 🤍 EDIT: This video blew up. Wasn't expecting that. I might upload more in the future. This was a simplified explanation. ZK rollups means "Zero Knowledge Rollups." I did my best, with my poor math skills and non-existent coding skills to explain what ZK-Rollups would mean to an ordinary layman.

Layer 2 Scaling Solutions Explained (Rollups, Plasma, Sidechains, Channels ANIMATED)


Layer 2 Scaling Solutions exist as a way for blockchains to increase the amount of work they can accomplish by offloading some of the work to something else. This may mean doing it more efficiently or having the help of a secondary sidechain. There are 4 main solutions we describe in this video, including Rollups, Sidechains, Channels, and Plasma.

Freezing Fruit Roll Ups #shorts


Freezing Fruit Roll Ups #shorts

¿Qué son los Rollups en Crypto? | Explicación de ZKSnarks vs Optimistic Rollups


Los Rollups son una forma de "enrollar" un montón de transacciones en una sola pieza de datos para ahorrar espacio y potencia de procesamiento en la cadena de bloques. En este momento, hay 2 ROLLUPS principales: ZKsnarks y Optimistic Rollups y puede ver nuestro video para aprender cómo funcionan ambos, incluido sus ventajas y desventajas. Acceso GRATUITO a Discord, nuestro boletín y la guía DeFi para principiantes: 🤍 Explore más de Whiteboard Crypto: Twitter: 🤍 whiteboardCryp1 Facebook: 🤍whiteboardcrypto Instagram: 🤍whiteboardcryptoteam

Build Smarter Notion Databases with Rollups


The ability to relate databases is among Notion's most useful features, and the Rollup property makes it even more powerful. It allows you to populate, aggregate and calculate information from related properties. This video demonstrates the immense utility of Rollups through widely applicable examples. // - // 💡 HELPFUL RESOURCES Template: 🤍 Notion VIP Post: 🤍 The Bulletproof Workspace: 🤍 William on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to Notion VIP: 🤍 // - // 👋 MEET WILLIAM William Nutt is the founder of Nutt Labs, an integrated digital strategy firm and Notion consultancy. As a foremost Notion expert, he hosts Notion's webcast for teams, Notion at Work, and runs the authoritative website Notion VIP (🤍), where he publishes tools and insights for Notion users. // - // 🎧 CREDITS Background Music: 🤍 // - // #Notion #Productivity

The Crypto Secret Sauce (ZK and Optimistic Roll-Ups EXPLAINED)


Transaction costs are high as ever, so bulking and grouping your purchases is crucial. In today's video, I discuss the importance of Roll-Ups in crypto, how they help minimize costs, and how they maximize speed. 0:00 Intro 0:58 What are Roll-Ups 2:03 Types of Roll-Ups 2:24 ZK Roll-Ups 3:10 Optimistic Roll-Ups 4:16 Future of Roll-Ups Use this link to trade with us on BitGet, an exchange that puts users and security first. ➡️ 🤍 AND Join the BitBoy Crypto team on BitGet for the KCGI Trading competition to win from the 100 BTC prize pool➡️ 🤍 NEW to crypto or NEW to the channel, join the BitSquad: 📚 Grab My Book ➡️ 🤍 📚 Learn more about crypto ➡️ 🤍 Protect Your Crypto in Cold Storage: 💳 Ledger Cold Wallet ➡️ 🤍 💳 Trezor Cold Wallet ➡️🤍 BitSquad Tools: 🧾 Need crypto tax help? GET 10% off CoinLedger tax tracking services with code: BITBOY ➡️ 🤍 🔬 Research with Token Metrics ➡️ 🤍 ⚙️Lux Algo Trading Tool ➡️ 🤍 🛠 Market Cipher Trading Tool ➡️🤍 Represent Your Crypto Squad: 👕 Best Crypto MERCH ➡️ 🤍 Come Stake On-Chain with The BitSquad: 🧐 How to join Cardano (ADA) BitPool ➡️ 🤍 ¡¿Hablas español?! ¡Ven a ver BitBoy Español! 🇪🇸 ¡Disfruta de tus programas favoritos en español! ➡️ 🤍 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Connect with Me & the BitSquad! Join Me on Twitter ➡️ 🤍 Join Me on Instagram ➡️ 🤍 Join Me on TikTok ➡️ 🤍 Join Me on Rumble ➡️ 🤍 Join Me on Minds ➡️ 🤍 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice. #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #news #economy #money #blockchain #investing



You only need fruit and honey to make these fun and easy fruit roll ups for kids. Subscribe for new vids M-W-F! 🤍 Like us on Facebook for exclusive content! 🤍 Follow me on Instagram! 🤍 Follow us on Instagram! 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Want to collaborate? 🤍 INGREDIENTS 5 cups fresh fruit 1/2-1 Tbsp honey (optional) DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 225. 2. Blend fruit and honey in blender until very smooth. 3. Pour mixture onto parchment lined baking sheets (I usually use 2) and spread until thin. You want it to be very even so it will cook evenly. Otherwise, you will have some dry parts and other burned parts! 4. Remove from oven when the rollups are not stick (about 2-3 hours). Let cool then slice and roll! We provide our videos for entertainment and promotional purposes only. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or usefulness of the content, instructions and advice contained in our videos. WUM is not liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on anything contained in our videos.

Notion Tutorial: Relations and Rollups in Notion for Beginners! (Easy Guide)


How to Use Relations and Rollups in Notion! 📝Get your FREE Notion templates here: 🤍 Hey there productive people! In today's Notion tutorial I show you how to use relations and rollups in Notion for beginners. This Notion tutorial has been highly requested so I thought I would make a video about it! One example I show is relating a book database in Notion to a notes database. This relates a certain book to a specific set of notes for that book. I then use a rollup to show the tags of that specific note relating to the book... a bit coinfusing, right? Well, once you watch this Notion tutorial on relations and rollups, you will understand how to use them for your own Notion databases. ⌚Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction 0:45 - Explaining Rollups and Relations for Notion 4:46 - Creating the Book Database 7:04 - Creating the Notes Database 8:33 - How to Use Relations in Notion 10:43 - How to Use Rollups in Notion 12:48 - Still Struggling? 13:48 - Example 2: How to Use Relations and Rollups in Notion 19:45 - Please Like and Subscribe :) #RelationsandRollups #Notion

Layer 2指南(下)- 技术方向Optimistic Rollup, ZK-Rollup, Validium分别是什么?优劣势?各自的主流项目有什么? 【区块链百科】


Layer 2指南(下)- 技术方向Optismistic Rollup, ZK-Rollup, Validium分别是什么?优劣势?各自的主流项目有什么? 【区块链百科】 回顾 - Layer 2指南(上):🤍 🎁喜欢这一期节目?现在你可以在区块链/Mirror上收藏(限量): 🤍 🔴想支持Rex产出更多优质内容?加入频道会员并获得优先回复:🤍 📩免费订阅Rex的每周专属分享邮件,远离行业内低质量信息的干扰,提高信噪比: 🤍 加入我的Twitter&Discord社区: Twitter: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:59 Rollup是什么? 4:12 Optimistic Rollup是什么 5:40 Optimistic Rollup方向主流项目介绍 Optimism, Arbitrum 6:16 ZK-Rollup是什么 7:19 ZK-Rollup方向主流项目介绍 Loopring, zkSync 8:42 Optimistic Rollup 与 ZK-Rollup优劣势分析 10:35 小彩蛋 12:10 Validium 是什么 + 相关项目介绍 15:46 总结 Optimism官网:🤍 Arbitrum官网:🤍 Loopring官网:🤍 zkSync 官网: 🤍 StarEx官网:🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #news #btc #ethereum #eth #cryptocurrency #litecoin #altcoin #altcoins #forex #money #best #trading #bitcoinmining #invest #trader #cryptocurrencies #top #investing #entrepreneur #business #success #investment #finance #motivation #coinbase #stocks #wallstreet #investor #wealth #bullish #bearish #cryptolive #rexonblockchain #区块链 #加密货币 #比特币 #加密技术 #以太坊 #区块链新闻 #区块链日报 #新闻 #数字货币 #区块链技术 #数字经济 #产业区块链 #数字货币市场分析 #闪电网络 #Lightningnetwork #Layer2 #二层网络 #celernetwork #Celer #Layer2.Finance #cbridge #polygon #matic #马蹄 #PLASMA #statechannel #状态通道 #rollups #ZKrollup #Optimisticrollup #Optimism #Arbitrum #starkware #zksync #Validium #loopring #layer2技术分析 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Music Credit to: [Spotlight]: by Spottie WiFi, published by Spottie WiFi Music; Artist: Spottie WiFi

A Better Mental Model for Rollups, Plasma, and Validating Bridges by Patrick McCorry


Visit the 🤍 to gain access to the entire library of Devcon talks with the ease of filtering, playlists, personalized suggestions, decentralized access on Swarm, IPFS and more. 🤍 Sidechains, Plasma, Rollups, Valdiums, AnyTrust, PoS chains, Crypto Exchanges, all have one thing in common: the bridge. This talk provides an overview on the trust assumptions, threat model, security goals and solutions associated with the humble bridge smart contract. As we will see, rollups emerged because of the scalability bottlenecks faced by Ethereum, but the product-market fit is solving the operational security issues for bridging funds from Ethereum to an off-chain system. Speaker(s): Patrick McCorry Skill level: Beginner Track: Layer 2s Keywords: rollups,bridges,layer-2 Follow us: 🤍 🤍 Learn more about devcon: 🤍 Learn more about ethereum: 🤍 Devcon is the Ethereum conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers. Devcon 6 was held in Bogotá, Colombia on Oct 11 - 14, 2022. Devcon is organized and presented by the Ethereum Foundation, with the support of our sponsors. To find out more, please visit 🤍tion/



Homemade Fruit Rollups are easy to make and fun to eat! My Strawberry Fruit Rollups video was so popular and I always get asked about other flavors, so I've made three new flavors for you to try out. SUBSCRIBE for more easy recipes: 🤍 NEW VIDEOS every Thursday at 3pm Eastern MY FAVORITE VIDEOS: The BEST Chocolate Mug Cake: 🤍 Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce: 🤍 Triple Melon Sorbet Floats: 🤍 Hot Chocolate from Scratch: 🤍 CONNECT WITH ME BEYOND YOUTUBE: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Homemade Fruit Rollups Recipe: Yield: Makes one half sheet tray Ingredients: 3 cups of chopped fruit, such as mango, strawberries, plums, peaches, etc 1 tsp fresh lime or lemon juice, optional 1 to 2 tbsp honey or sugar, optional Directions: Preheat the oven to 175 degrees F. Puree the chopped fruit and citrus juice, if using, in a food processor until smooth, scraping down the sides as needed. Taste the mixture and determine if you'd like to sweeten it with honey or sugar, and mix it in if you do use it. Pour the puree onto a silicone mat lined baking sheet and smooth it out with a spatula, then shake the pan to flatten evenly. Place the sheet pan in the oven for 2-3 hours, until the fruit rollup sheet is dehydrated enough that it is dry to the touch. The cook time may take longer if you're using a high-moisture fruit. Remove the fruit rollup sheet to a cutting board and cut into long strips, then roll them up. Enjoy! Fifteen Spatulas is a weekly cooking video series sharing simple recipes from scratch. The purpose is to show cooks of all levels that cooking from scratch is much easier than they may think.

TORTILLA ROLL UPS with CREAM CHEESE | Easy Quick Party Appetizer | By Flamboyant Flavors


I have been making Tortilla roll ups with cream cheese for 5 years now for parties and dinner nights with friends at home. These Tortilla roll ups with cream cheese and veggies make a perfect easy party appetizer. You can even make these roll ups a day ahead and store in refrigerator. Tortilla roll ups are absolutely kids and adults favorite dish and a big hit at a party. Don't forget to leave me a comment if you enjoy this recipe video. Find us on Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to: 🤍 Method as shown in the video. Ingredients: 4-6 colorful peppers 2 jalapenos (optional) (or substitute with bell pepper) 12 black olives ½ cup shredded carrots ½ cup coleslaw ¾ cup shredded cheese 8 oz (226 grams) original cream cheese ¼ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp red chili powder or paprika ½ tsp ground cumin 4 large tortillas Music in this video 1: Song: Si Senorita Artist: Chris Haugen Source: YouTube Audio Library 2. Song: Castello Oak Artist: Bird Creek Source: YouTube Audio Library - #FlamboyantFlavors #tortillarollups #easyappetizerrecipes

Turkey Cranberry Rollups


Turkey Cranberry Rollups! Thanksgiving leftovers never looked, or tasted so good! These little appetizers are easy to make, and can be made ahead of time! Grab the recipe at 🤍

Notion Explained: Relations & Rollups


Notion's most distinctive advantage is its unique integration of documents and databases. The Relation and Rollup properties make that feature even more powerful. // - // 💡 RESOURCES Notion VIP Post: 🤍 The Bulletproof Notion Workspace: 🤍 William on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to Notion VIP: 🤍 // - // 👋 MEET WILLIAM William Nutt is the founder of Nutt Labs and creator of Notion VIP (🤍), the most widely referenced resource for Notion users. His Bulletproof methodology is Notion's most popular framework and top-selling template. In addition to consulting users, William works directly for Notion on a variety of projects, including the Help & Support page, the Notion Consultants program, and a training program for Notion's global support team. Follow William on Twitter at 🤍 // - // #Notion #Productivity

Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups | Delish


Chicken Alfredo roll-ups is the week night dinner you've been searching for-look no further. DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Butter a large casserole dish and set aside. 2. Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add garlic and sauté until garlic is fragrant, about 30 seconds. Whisk the flour into the butter and garlic and cook until the mixture is bubbling and golden, 1 minute more. Gradually pour in milk, whisking constantly. Bring mixture to a simmer, then stir in cream cheese and Parmesan. Let simmer until the sauce thickens, about 2 to 3 minutes. Add lemon juice and about 1 teaspoon of parsley. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Then stir in shredded chicken. 3. Spoon a thin layer of sauce onto the bottom of the baking dish. 4. Lay cooked noodles in a single layer on a cutting board or baking sheet. Spread chicken Alfredo mixture on each noodle, then roll up the lasagna noodle. Lay the roll-ups in the baking dish seam side-down. Spoon more sauce on top of the roll-ups. 5. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until the sauce is bubbly and beginning to brown. Garnish with more parsley and serve warm. INGREDIENTS 3 tbsp. butter (plus more greasing the dish) 3 tbsp. flour 2 1/4 c. milk (preferably 2% or whole) Juice of 1 lemon 2 tsp. chopped parsley 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 tbsp. cream cheese, softened 2 c. shredded rotisserie chicken 1/2 c. finely grated Parmesan 8 cooked lasagna noodles kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper SUBSCRIBE to delish: 🤍 FOLLOW for more #DELISH! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Google+: 🤍

EDCON 2020 Keynote | John Adler, Fuel: Scaling Ethereum with Optimistic Rollups


The Co-founder of Fuel Labs, John Adler, sharing Fuel: Scaling Ethereum with Optimistic Rollup at EDCON 2020. His talk was originally streamed on 🤍 on EDCON 2020, August 10.

Three-Cheese Chicken Rollups


RECIPE! 2 cloves garlic 2 cups spinach 1/2 cup ricotta cheese 1/4 cup parmesan cheese 4 thinly sliced chicken breasts 2 eggs, beaten 1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs 1 cup marinara sauce 4 slices mozzarella cheese fresh basil, chopped salt & pepper Preheat oven to 450°F/230°C. Sauté the garlic and spinach in oil until the spinach wilts. Add the ricotta, parmesan, salt, and pepper, and stir until heated. Salt and pepper the chicken breasts, add the cheese mixture, and roll up. Dip each chicken breast rollup in the egg, then the breadcrumbs, and place in a 8x8 or 9x9 baking dish seam side down. Bake for 25 minutes. Remove from oven, and top with marinara sauce and mozzarella. Bake an additional 5 minutes. Remove from oven and top with basil. Enjoy! All Tasty music provided by Audio Network and Warner Chappell Inc. Used with permission

Frozen Fruit Roll-Up


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Cómo funcionan los ROLLUPS en NOTION


En este vídeo sobre cómo usar notion os voy a enseñar cómo funcionan los rollups una herramienta super importante a la hora de relacionar bases de datos y trabajar con atributos. Descarga gratis la plantilla de este vídeo (y muchas más) 👉👉 🤍 Si tienes alguna duda o estás pensando en escribirme, mira esto antes 👉👉 🤍

Zero Knowledge Proof - ZK Rollups vs Optimistic Rollups! Możliwe AIRDROPY?


Dziś mam dla Was obiecany materiał o Zero Knowledge Proof. Mam nadzieje, że w te kilkanaście minut dowiecie się co nieco o tej technologii. Która z nich jest lepsza? ZK Rollups vs Optimistic Rollups. Zapraszam! Linki z filmu: ➔ Film o StarkNet: 🤍 ➔ Film o zKSync: 🤍 ➔ L2Beat: 🤍 ➔ Różnice w technologiach: 🤍 ➔ Lex Fridman i Vitalik Buterin: 🤍 ➔ Info o Optimistic Rollups: 🤍 ➔ Info o zKRollups: 🤍 Pamiętaj, że możesz wspierać ten kanał i dostawać dodatkowe BONUSY: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Strona Krypto Narodu: 🤍 Kontakt w sprawie jakichkolwiek pytań: encyklopediakryptowalut🤍 Linki afiliacyjne ➔ Zakup ledgera nano x i innych: 🤍 ➔ Rejestracja na giełdzie Binance: 🤍 ➔ KUCOIN - mnóstwo nowych projektów!: 🤍 Muzyka z intra: 🤍 Spis treści: [0:00-4:07] Wstęp [4:08-6:32] Co to Zero Knowledge Proof? [6:33-7:53] ZK Rollups [7:54-9:28] Optimistic Rollups [9:29-11:05] Różnice pomiędzy tymi technologiami [11:06-12:54] Projekty wykorzystujące te technologie [12:55-15:43] Tokeny i możliwe airdropy [15:44-16:17] Informacje o książce [16:18-16:40] Podsumowanie Materiał, który właśnie oglądasz nie jest poradą inwestycyjną. Przedstawia tylko subiektywne zdanie autora na dany temat. Nie ufaj ślepo w to co zobaczysz w tym czy w jakimkolwiek innym materiale, zawsze przeprowadź swój własny research.

Waterparks - Fruit Roll Ups (Official Audio)


Waterparks - Fruit Roll Ups (Official Audio) Stream 'Greatest Hits': 🤍 GET YOUR GREATEST HITS MERCH: 🤍 Get tickets to the Greatest Hits Album Release show, a one time virtual concert from The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA: 🤍 SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE TOUR Tickets & VIP: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 #Waterparks #FruitRollUps #GreatestHits #OfficialAudio

Scroll криптовалюта обзор. Zk Rollup - как это работает?


Сегодня подробно разберу не только Scroll как потенциальный гем, но и саму технологию, в которую верит Виталик Бутерин. Речь пойдет о Zk-Rollup, на ней уже строятся такие проекты как ZkSync собравший $458 млн. и StarkWare собравший $255 млн.! Торгуем на: Биржа Binance (20% скидка на комиссии): 🤍 Биржа OKx (скидка 20% на комиссии): 🤍 = ⏱Временные Метки⏱ 00:00 - Введение; 00:11 - Zk-Rollup технология; 01:26 - Scroll ZkEVM, какие проблемы решает?; 02:50 - Инвесторы и сумма; 05:17 - Тестнет и активности в Scroll; 07:18 - Итоги. = Другие мои видео: 🔥Посмотри видео ✅ - STARKWARE ПОЛНЫЙ ОБЗОР КРИПТОВАЛЮТЫ. 🤍 🔥Посмотри видео ✅ - SUI КРИПТОВАЛЮТА ПОЛНЫЙ ОБЗОР 🤍 = 🔥Полезные ссылки: ✅ 🤍 🤍 ✅ Наш сайт - 🤍 ✅ Канал в телеграмм: 🤍 ✅ Я в инсте: 🤍 ✅ Чат в телеграмм: 🤍 🔥Покупка крипта в Беларуси через ПВТ обменник - 🤍

Working with Rollups and Cubes in SQL


Get certified as a Job Ready Programmer by completing all courses using the following discount link: 🤍

How to make: Tortilla Cheese & Salsa Rollups


These Salsa Roll Ups are the perfect appetizer for any holiday or when you have unexpected guests. It's easy to make and there is no cooking necessary! You may want to double the recipe! Grab the FULL recipe and a FREE printable recipe here: 🤍

🍓 Homemade Fruit RollUps #shorts


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ZK Rollups – the next shiny thing on Ethereum!


Our Crypto Course & Social Media: 🤍 Existing scaling solutions include Sidechains, Volitions, Validiums, and… Rollups. No, not the fruit kind you ate when you were a kid. We are going to go through ZK Rollups, as they have gained prominence in recent times and might just turn out to be the best solution for Ethereum scalability in the future. If you want to catch such trends before they blow, we suggest you check out our comprehensive course on crypto trading where we share the best alpha on making a fortune on the blockchain. ZK Rollups will help Ethereum process 100,000 transactions every second without compromising the security of the Ethereum network. ZK Rollups are a type of scaling solution that takes transactions from Ethereum and processes them off-chain to make sure they are processed fast and for lower gas fees. Moreover, the best part of ZK Rollups is that they verify the validity of your transaction without even looking into transaction data, like the wallet addresses of the recipient and sender or the transaction amount. This ensures that transactions remain private on the network, which could be a decisive factor in attracting big companies to the Ethereum blockchain.

✅Rollups ¿Cómo Funcionan?🔥



Mon TOP 10 Crypto 2023 ! Blockchain Modulaire, Rollups, Zk, IBC...


Les Vidéo DEFI sur Cosmos/Solana/Ethereum... : 🤍 Notre Discord 👉 🤍 👈 Rendez-vous tous les dimanches 21 h 00 sur Twitch 👉 🤍

ZK Tech You Should Know — Part 2: ZK Rollups


Zero knowledge, or ZK, is a class of technologies increasingly becoming part of the Web3 conversation, with different types arising from the movement. In part two, of this video series, we break down a type of zero knowledge proof being used to scale blockchains — zkRollups. 📼 Watch Part One to learn the differences between zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs. 🔔Subscribe to watch the following parts of the series covering zkRollups and zkApps. 📮Get monthly updates about the exciting advancements in the Mina community: 🤍 🛠 Want to build a ZK smart contract with TypeScript? Here are 3 things you need to know: 🤍 What is Mina? Mina is the world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Rather than apply brute computing force, Mina uses advanced cryptography and recursive zk-SNARKs to design an entire blockchain of about 22kb, the size of a couple of tweets. It is the first layer-1 to enable efficient implementation and easy programmability of zero knowledge smart contracts (zkApps). With its unique privacy features and ability to connect to any website, Mina is building a private gateway between the real world and crypto—and the secure, democratic future we all deserve. Follow Us! 📧 Monthly Newsletter: 🤍 🐤 Twitter: 🤍 📢 Discord: 🤍 💬 Telegram: 🤍 #Crypto #Blockchain #rollups #ZeroKnowledge #MinaProtocol #zkRollup #zkApp #ZK #ZKP #blockchain #cryptotech #BlockchainBridge

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